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My name is Mike Levey. I've been around the block a few times — as you can tell from my grey hair 😊. I enjoy helping people embrace and use technology (that's been my career for many years), and I feel happiest when those I help are comfortable in using and applying the skills they've learned.

I've trained all types of people, including millennials (some of whom just want to touch on things so that they can rush on to the next). I understand that you could feel pressured when working with them, and I take care to make sure you're comfortable with what I'm explaining. These are some of the services I can help you with:

Mike Levey

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, Flickr (yes, without the "e"), gmail — other emails. You've heard all these terms bandied about and maybe you'd love to explore and learn how to use some of these systems. Why? You can:

  • keep in touch with family and friends, share and send photos
  • join groups with similar interests to you — there are many available and you do not even have to leave your home
  • keep up with news that is trending
  • what else can you think of? Tell me and I'll be able to advise you

Communicating with Friends and Family

Most people complain of being rushed, too busy — and it is easy to lose touch with family and friends.

I will learn from you how you would like to communicate and keep in touch with loved ones, and then I can help you set up the easiest way to do this. It could be:

  • email: how to keep track of your emails, sort them into folders so that they're easy to find
  • how to check if a message is safe before opening it, how to detect spam or unwanted emails
  • how to send messages on Facebook, Instagram
  • how to use Skype to keep in touch with friends, and find contacts
  • how to best use a "Smart Phone" for communicating (aren't all phones smart, you might think?)
  • how to switch your "regular" landline telephone to a VoIP (voice over IP) phone that gives you free calling to almost anywhere in Canada

How to best use your computer

So you have a computer (laptop, tablet, notebook — there are lots of words for a personal computer): do you wish you could get more out of it? I can help:

  • check your plan with your Internet Service Provider: are you getting the best deal?
  • do you worry about internet viruses? Is your computer adequately protected?
  • passwords! Oh, how to keep all these sites safe from intruders who are out to steal your personal information! I can give you good advice on how to protect yourself and get you set up with a system to keep track of them all — safely.
  • need help with setting up a printer, or maybe a scanner? What about good sound on your computer? I can help with that.
  • is your computer old and slow, not working as it used to? Don't throw it out: maybe with a few tweaks it can regain its speed and functionality. If it's too old for the latest version of Windows, maybe it will run just fine with another system. I can set that up for you and show you how to use it: I did this for my wife and she's managing just fine!

Setting up a Smart Home

What's a Smart Home?, you ask. It's usually a home that enables you to remotely control lighting, heating and other electronic devices by phone or computer.

Now you don't have to have all of that, but wouldn't it be great if you could talk to a friendly electronic assistant to:

  • learn what the temperature is today, or what the weather is going to be tomorrow?
  • hear the latest news
  • set a reminder, either for a few minutes ahead, or for a future date in your calendar
  • call a friend, anyone for free in Canada/USA — either by telling it the phone number, or by having it check your contacts in your email system
  • turn on a light, or turn it off — either by just telling your electronic assistant, or by programming it into the system

    (Installing certain types of wall switches may require the services of an electrician, but setting up a plug-in wifi receptacle is no problem.)

There are so many things you can ask the assistant, and get an (almost instant) reply without even having to leave your chair. I can help you get that set up!

Organizing Documents and Papers

Do you struggle with keeping all your records, paperwork and receipts in an easy-to-find location? I can show you how to scan and save these either to your computer or online, to categorize the folders — you don't even need a scanner if you have a smart phone.

Small or Home Office IT Support

You may be struggling with computer issues that need resolving, or maybe you just need help with protecting your data, backing up to a secure site. There could be many other issues that you just need a little help with, such as how to more effectively use Word or Excel. Whatever it is, there's a good chance that GreyTech can help you.

Fixing/Replacing Things?

Maybe you have something in your home that needs attention, perhaps something as simple as changing a few lightbulbs, or some other light maintenance. If it's something that doesn't require the services of a contractor (and no, I don't climb ladders to high places) it may be possible to fix it during the home visit. Let me know and I'll tell you if it's something I can help you with.

Keeping in Touch

After you've gotten started using some of the services listed here we will keep in touch with you, at least on a monthly basis, to make sure that you're enjoying using the technology available to you, and to find out if you would like to broaden your experience even further.


If we've helped you get a better grasp of technology, we can do the same for your friends! Refer a friend and we'll will give a 10% donation in appreciation to the local charity, Next Step Ministries, that we are supporting, which helps women escape the clutches of exploitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that will often arise: if you have a query not answered here, please contact us and we'll be happy to get in touch with you.

What is GreyTech?

GreyTech exists to help people choose the appropriate technological innovations designed to make their lives more interesting, and to be able to use available technology in the home to do more and to keep in touch with the outside world.

Are we a charity? No, we're a Calgary-based business founded by Mike Levey with a passion to help others embrace technology, and to have fun doing that!

Does GreyTech sell products?

No, we are not a reseller for any manufacturer or provider. We provide advice and installation/setup services, but we keep abreast of technology and may recommend a certain product or service to you, which you would order directly from the supplier.

Do I need an Internet service?

Most of the services provided by GreyTech do require an Internet service in your home: however, if there is something specific that you need help with, and you do not believe it requires an Internet connection, get in touch and we'll be glad to learn what you have in mind and let you know if we can help.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy: just call us on 587-887-4427 or send an email to and we'll get in touch to arrange a convenient time to come and visit you in your home. This helps us learn more about your requirements and your situation.

How much do you charge?

The service charge is quite reasonable, particularly when you realize what it can do to help you gain a painless foothold into embracing technology to improve the quality of your life. Since the service depends on just what each person or family's requirements are, we will be able to provide you with an estimate after learning what you need, and will confirm it after the first visit.

Is the service guaranteed?

We will do our best to get you set up with the services that you decide on, and will give you instruction on how to use them. However, due to the changing nature of technology, we cannot guarantee that the devices or services will work indefinitely, but if a problem arises we will be available to help you solve it or to recommend an alternative.

About us

Mike has a passion for working with people to assist them in achieving their goals or dreams, and it was through his experiences in this area that led him to start GreyTech. With a "can-do" attitude Mike's been able to keep abreast of technological developments and to implement many of them in his own business over the years. Friends would often call on Mike for help with their computer problems, whatever that might encompass, and also in his business of providing software support to clients, they generally refer to the great customer service that they've benefitted from. There are many people who struggle with poorly-tuned systems, however small, around them because they believe they cannot be fixed, or they're unable for a number of reasons to ask someone to help them. GreyTech can help these people.

It's well known nowadays that your early years can have a huge role in shaping who you are, and even the career you choose. During his school years (a long time back, now) Mike experienced frequent bullying, to the extent that he hated his school life, and well before graduating from high school he decided that he would become a teacher and would encourage those kids who needed building up. Teaching was a most rewarding time, but eventually Mike was attracted into the business world, where he has continued to focus on helping and encouraging those people with whom he interacts. In 1994 he founded FundaMedia and continues to deliver services in content management support through this company to clients around the world.

Mike really enjoys helping people succeed, and is known for going the extra mile for them. This is a big motivation for what he hopes to achieve through GreyTech.

GreyTech is a division of FundaMedia and the site conforms with the company's privacy policy.

If you have any queries please email me at or
call 587-887-4427